Mission Objectives

The Mars Mission 2016 Objectives


  • First human mission to Mars
  • First use of explosion-type propulsion
  • Most massive human made structure in space
  • First artificial gravity space vehicle
  • Largest crewed mission
  • Longest duration human mission
  • Fastest Earth to Mars orbital transfer
  • Fastest Mars to Earth orbital transfer
  • First use of robotic construction structures in space 
  • First space construction of interplanetary space vehicle
  • First human space vehicle docking outside of Earth/Moon system

Mars Orbit

  • First humans on Mars
  • First aerostaionary array of satellites orbiting Mars
  • First space port orbiting Mars


  • First habitation of Mars
  • First human archaeological mission on Mars
  • First human geologic mission on Mars
  • First plant growth on Mars
  • First use of robotic construction structures on Mars
  • First use of Mars Landing System
  • First use of Mars Drone Explorer
  • First use of Mars Flight Explorer
  • First oxygen production plant on Mars


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