Media Release

Earth Space Exploration Program (ESEP)

Written Media Briefing:  24 February 2016  10:00 AM PST  (Sol 51 Sur 1 Year 1  18:24:08 NST
Orbital Transfer Firing:  T-Minus 02:32:16 Mars Hours  (Countdown Clock )

Closeout of the ESS Queen Elizabeth II occurred as scheduled on 20 February at 4:30 AM PST (47 Sur 1 at 16:00 NST) with a minor personnel issue that has been resolved with no impact on the mission. The QE II undocked from Earth Prime Spaceport at today at 1:00 AM (49 Sur 1 at 10:35 NST) and moved to an orbit 5,174 kilometers by 3,317 kilometers. During orbital maneuvers the Impulse Cycle Propulsion (ICP) was fired twice and performed flawlessly.

The Orbital Transfer Firing (OTF) is scheduled today, 24 February at 12:34:44 PM PST (51 Sur 1 at 20:54:32 NST.)

The 28 crew members of the QE II are in great spirits and they are still ahead of schedule on planned checklists. The non-crewed ESS Carl Sagan was closed out on 22 February as scheduled at 4:25 AM PST (14:00 NST.) It undocked from Earth Prime then moved to a higher orbit yesterday at 1:29 AM PST (54 Sur 1 @ 10:25 NST.)

Further information on Earth’s first human mission to Mars can be found at

Noctis of Mars is a real-time science fiction adventure published online at The book begins at the commissioning ceremonies which occurred on 1 February 2016. Each day at 14:00 PT (17:00 ET) a new section of a chapter is published. The chapters are published each time the last section of a chapter is published.

The First Chapter can be read here:   Chapter 1 – Commissioning Day

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