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  • Mars Date/Time:  Year 1, Sur One, Tuesday, Sol 38 (1.1.38)  8:47 AM NST
  • Earth Date/Time:  Wednesday, 10 February 2016  3:30 PM PST

CREW ALERT! Text in three parts to follow.

CREW ALERT:  PART ONEEffective immediately all non-critical functions are to be suspended. The evening and night shifts are suspended for at least on day. Crew will go to minimal schedule for the remainder of the day and a team from Earth Prime will come onboard to assume routine duties for at least 24 hours. These team members will be on temporary orders and report to the Command team of the QE II.

CREW ALERT:  PART TWOEffective immediately, Dane Paris has been reassigned to temporary duty at the San Jose Space Center in California and will report to Nick Castillo, ESEP Director.

CREW ALERT:  PART THREEDane Paris lost his wife and mother-in-law in a traffic accident this morning. His father-in-law is also in very critical condition from a heart attack that occurred prior to the traffic accident. Dane will be leaving on a shuttle in the next hour to be with his thirteen year-old daughter.

Jenna looked up from her pad and looked at Nick on her monitor and said, “Does Claude know yet?” Nick smiled and said, “Megan just wrote this, I didn’t know until now.” Then the smile disappeared, “No. No one has been contacted. This needs your approval before we can act.” Jenna knew that Nick’s assistant, Megan, was good at her job, but the Crew Alert message she put together was perfect. She anticipated the steps needed to respond to the crisis and worded the message in a way that put the action first and the reasoning last. People would stop reading after they learned of the tragedy.

Jenna said, “Send it out and tell Megan she’s brilliant.” Nick’s smile returned and said, “Now you know runs the show around here.” Jenna and Ken smiled, then Jenna said, “Tell Claude to send over four people if he can spare them, and if we need more we’ll work it out with him. Also, his medical team should be on standby. Our medical team is going to be working with the Counselor for the next 24 hours.”

Nick said, “Good. Now from the top. Mission? Jenna looked at Ken and both nodded. Wade said, “We’re still go.” Nick continued, “Orbital transfer date?” Ken asked, “How long until we have a replacement?” Nick said, “Megan’s putting together a list of six candidates now. I’ll rank them and send you the list within an hour. All six candidates are receiving orders to immediately go to Peru. If needed, we’ll put all six on a shuttle and have them at Earth Prime within 48 hours.”

Jenna interrupted, “Nick, we will choose someone by the end of the day. I already have someone in mind that Ken and I need to talk about. If he agrees, we will offer him the job later today.” Nick replied, “We’ll continue to move the six to Peru until we have a confirmed replacement.”

Jenna turned to Ken and said, “What do you think?” Ken said, “I can think of at least three people who could sit in the pilot’s seat in two days and be ready to leave on the 24th. I say go.” Jenna turned to Nick and said, “We’re go on the date.”

Nick then said, “Crew recovery?” ESEP had protocol for how to deal with a crisis and then return back to a normal schedule. It was flexible based on the nature of the crisis. It required an assessment of ability of the team to focus on their job responsibilities. Jenna thought and then said, “The Command team will discuss it, but right now I’d say the crew will be at fifty percent tomorrow, 75% on Thursday, 85% on Friday, and 95% by Monday. I think we can resume light duty tomorrow, and a full schedule by Saturday. Nick was always impressed by Jenna’s ability to realistically analyze a situation. 

Nick said, “Question Marks?” Jenna thought for a moment and said, “Paige. I didn’t know about her friendship with Dane, so I don’t know the impact. I’ll know in a couple of days.” Nick frowned and then added, “Okay, I’m sending up a list of Comm Officers. Choose one of them and we will reassign that person to Earth Prime. If you need to make that change I want to have them within walking distance.” Nick paused and then said, “Great job today.”

Jenn replied, “It’s not over yet.” At that moment Megan approached Castillo and gave him a piece of paper. He read it and then looked up at the camera and said, “Dane’s father-in-law was just died.”