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  • Mars Date/Time:  Year 001, Sur Two, Wednesday, Sol 42 (001.2.42)  11:56 NST
  • Earth Date/Time:  Saturday, 16 April 2016  2:00 PM PDT 
  • Distance traveled:  181,146,024 kilometers   Time Delay:  4 mins 18 secs
  • Distance to Mars Rendezvous:  211,263,728 kilometers

While Miranda gave Jeffrey a complete tour of the San Jose ESEP Center, Megan talked to Kelsey and her husband, Jake. Megan explained,

“Emily was killed by a Russian FSB agent, who intended to kill me. Emily caused enough of a delay that the security team was able to get into the room and stop her. We have tightened our security, but we’re concerned that the FSB will go after other targets outside our security net.”

Jake said, “What do you mean?” Megan hesitated then said,

“Because of Emily’s position, and my attachment to your family through Emily, we believe that you already may be a target of the FSB. We feel that we need to bring you under our security net. The Director already ordered it.”

Kelsey said, “Are we going to be followed everywhere with security guards?” Megan replied,

“Yes and no. In a situation like yours we try to keep a low profile. We would have someone in or near the your house at all times. We would install a security system and video cameras in your house, outside your house, and in the neighborhood. The cameras would be almost invisible unless you knew what to look for.

We would take Jeffrey to and from school, but it we will assign what we call a Nanny-officer. They would appear to be a Nanny to the public. We would also work with the school to have one of our staff stationed in his school, but it wouldn’t look as if he was there because of Jeffrey.

Jake, at your work we would begin video surveillance, and all three of you would have a tracker with you at all times, monitored from our satellites in orbit.”

Jake said, “A GPS tracker program.” Megan smiled and said,

“Not exactly. We will be visually monitoring you from orbit. At any given moment we will be able to see the locations of your entire family and someone will be observing the surrounding area for possible threats. We will see, identify, and respond to any suspicious activity.”

Kelsey asked, “Is this really necessary?” Megan said, “We don’t do what is necessary. We do what is needed, and this has been determined to be a need.” Jake said, “When do they start?” Megan hesitated and then said,

“The Director ordered it after I visited you and it began before I walked out of your house. As we speak the cameras are being installed in your house. Everything else is in place. Don’t worry, your bedrooms and bathrooms don’t have cameras in them, but if you walk naked through the house, you might reconsider doing that. Before you leave you will meet your Nanny. You can select someone else, but we do a pretty good job in selecting a good match.”

Jake asked, “What if we hate it?” Megan said,

“You are now considered an extension of my family. If you have any problems, you’ll talk directly to me. I’ll make adjustments if I can, but the Director feels very strongly that if I am worried about your safety, it could affect my performance of my duties. I’m sorry, but because of Emily’s sacrifice for me, I’ve have developed an attachment to your family, and I want to protect you as much as she protected me. Believe me, you will come to appreciate it….Let’s go find out what Jeffrey’s learning about.”

They left Megan’s office and the sound of Peter Frampton’s Do You Feel Like We Do was playing throughout the Center. Megan said, “Teaching Jeffrey about the seventies?” Miranda said, “No. He’s teaching us. He asked Director Wade if they play music on board the Sagan. In her response, she asked, if he had any songs in mind, and he suggested this one.” Kelsey said, “I’m sorry. Jeffrey loves music, all kinds, and he’s become an aficionado.”

They were interrupted by the Director’s response. Jenna said,

“Jeffrey, your selection was a hit with the crew! I’ve never seen so many people play their air guitar in my life! So, I’m assigning you to our crew. You are now the Music Cadet for the Mars mission. Your job is to select a new song everyday to be played on board the ESS Sagan for the entire crew. If you accept this position, Megan will assign you one of our work tablets so you can contact us with your selections. I hope you’ll do it, because we really need some good music on our way to Mars! We’ll need a song for tomorrow, so let us know what you select! Have a great weekend! Director Wade out.”

Megan looked at Jake and Kelsey. Both were beaming. Megan said, “Welcome aboard.”