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Date: Year 1, Sur One, Sol 8 (1.1.8)

The finalized crew of the Mars Mission 2016 has been announced. There is still the possibility of changes in the next few weeks; however, at this time these are the 28 primary crew members that are training for the 24 February departure.MM2016 Org Chart

(NOTE:  EMT = Estimated Mission Time)

Mission CommanderJenna Wade (EMT:  27 months)
Jenna will command all aspects of the mission and will be stationed at Mars Alpha Base (2nd Landing.)


  • Lanny Deaton-Science Director
  • Roman Guzman – Engineering Director
  • Naomi Pierce – Communications Director
  • Ken Hart – Captain/Mars Port Commander
  • Wendy Stevens – Counselor
  • Kayla Summers – Physician 

Science DirectorLanny Deaton (EMT:  27 months)
Lanny will oversee all science programs for the mission and will be stationed at Mars Alpha Base (1st landing.)


  • Steve Conner-Areology Officer
  • Jacob Reese-Archeology Officer
  • Alexander Rivera-Biology/Environment Officer
  • Sying Wang-Botany Specialist
  • Heidi Massey-Botany Specialist

Engineering DirectorRoman Guzman (EMT:  27 months)
Roman will direct all construction, maintenance, and repair during the mission and will be stationed at Mars Alpha Base (1st landing.)


  • Lanita Case-Engineering Officer
  • Jeramy Prater-Munitions Officer
  • Tory Hankins-Plant Officer
  • Ling Cho-Logistics Officer
  • Abdul Karem-Logistics Specialist

Communication DirectorNaomi Pierce (EMT:  27 months)
Naomi will oversee all communications, data collection, and mission reporting and will be stationed on the Mars Port in orbit.


  • Paige Flores-Comm Officer
  • John Schultz-Comm Specialist
  • Krista Parker-Comm Specialist
  • Jennifer Nagi-Data/Record Specialist

Captain ESS QEII/Sagan, Mars Port CommanderKenneth Hart (EMT:  27 months)
Ken will Captain the ESS Queen Elizabeth II, then take command of the ESS Carl Sagan when the ships merge. Upon arrival at Mars he will become the Commander of the Mars Port and be stationed there.


  • Ann Flores-First Officer/Mars Orbit Control Director
  • Dane Paris-Pilot

Mission PhysicianKayla Summers (EMT:  27 months)
Kayla oversee and monitor the health of the mission crew and she will be stationed at the Mars Alpha Base (2nd landing.)


  • Jai Wong-Nurse Practitioner
  • Alberto Sowers-Nutritional Officer

CounselorWendy Stevens (EMT:  27 months)
Wendy will assess the mission crew on an ongoing basis and will make recommendations for crew changes, mission assignments, and crew returns. Wendy will be stationed at the Mars Alpha Base (2nd landing.)


  • Ian Banks-MET Reserve
  • Peyton Rhodes-SKY Reserve